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Board of Directors - Staff

The Board of Directors hold their monthly meeting at either the FLNB Corner on Sam Houston Street in Liberty or the Liberty-Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce - Dayton office on S. Main Street in Dayton.


  Kandace Wolfe (New Day Massage and Spa)
  Sandra Sterling (Sterling Realty)
  Candy Rucka
Past Chairperson
  James Reese (Chili's-Liberty)


Term ending December 2017

Elisabeth (Liz) Beausoleil (Loring Villa Apartments)
Felicia Hensel (First Liberty National Bank)
Johnny Jarolik (Sam’s Distribution Center #6698)
Mark McClelland (Individual)

Skeet Raggio (Skeet Raggio Publishing Company)
Linda Taylor (Texas First Bank)

Term ending December 2018

Donna Alpers (Angels Care Home Health)
Jay Cantu (Liberty Opry)
Susie Chessher (Liberty County EMS)
John Headrick (Superior Storage)
Laurel McGuire (Capital Farm Credit)
Melissa Richards (Liberty Dayton Regional Hospital)
Susan Simmons (Individual Member)
Gina Worthy (Trinity Valley Exposition)

Term ending December 2019

Dennis Beasley (Individual Member)
Sheila French (Distant Travel Agency)
Eliza Guidry (Individual Member)
Tyler Jackson (First Liberty National Bank)
Angie Newkirk
Barbara Norwood (Attorney)
Joli Sellers (Liberty County Central Appraisal District)
Bill Takach (Liberty Computer Systems)


Mary Anne Campbell (President)
Christy Ewart (Administrative Assistant)
Bruce Campbell (Dayton Office / Web & Technology Services)
Nora Lee Ladd (Special Events)