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Job-Based Skills Training for Qualified Students

Submitted by Lee Waldrop
Teacher / Coordinator,
Southeast Texas Cooperative for Special Services

The Southeast Texas Cooperative for Special Services provides on-the-job skills training for students who qualify for special education. Students in the program receive on-the-job training experience from participating businesses and can earn credits toward high school graduation. Students learn responsibilities such as following workplace rules, exhibiting social skills behaviors appropriate for the work environment, demonstrating the ability to take ownership in the job search process, and demonstrating acceptable performance on the job and in the classroom.

Businesses who hire students receive community recognition for their participation and can receive tax exemptions for student employees (see your accountant for details). Some of the goals of the cooperative employment experience include:

Ensuring student growth and development by identifying and developing job opportunities and related academic skills;
Promoting high quality instruction in the areas of vocational employability and independent living skills, increase student and family awareness of services available from community and educational agencies after graduation and to promote positive public relations by networking with local businesses and community leaders.

The program also provides a coordinated support system for employers and school staff.

Area school districts who are members of Southeast Texas Cooperative for Special Services include: Devers, Hardin, Hull-Daisetta, Liberty and Tarkington. For more information on the program, call Lee Waldrop, Teacher/Coordinator at 936.336.8701, Ext. 7045. The office’s physical address is 1600 Grand Avenue, Liberty, TX 77575.